Monday, June 29, 2015


Let's not just get caught up in the magic of gay marriage, people. The South Carolina Massacre just happened, and there are many more issues still to be addressed.

Sunday, June 28, 2015


Snappy Polish jazz theme.

The song as introduced by a popular film actor in a bewitching drag act.


By Jay Jackson.

Friday, June 19, 2015


Hey, all of you who whine about your "politically correct" times; are you happy now? Got freedom?

Thursday, June 18, 2015

I MISS HOWIE POST!! (November 2, 1926 – May 21, 2010)

The following are excerpts from a Facebook thread which I started about the renowned comics artist, then answered some questions..) 

He was a hero since my childhood. 

(Throughout his career, his work was loose, loopy & fun, and really brought life to the Harvey comics they were usually starved of.)

I finally met him working for Marvel/Star. It's clear to me that no one will take his place, as an artist or as a friend.

Howard was a kind of old school gentleman who simply doesn't happen in American life anymore. We could talk about art & music (and fishing and women) to a degree that puzzles most cartoonists today who see Bugs Bunny as their goal in life. (He admired the WB cartoons as being the best comedy scripts, and more than once cited Foghorn Leghorn's quote about "keeping my feathers numbered" as a favorite.) 

This is one of the films Howard directed. It's very much his sense humor: gentle, whimsical, and even a touch of love.

Not long before the end, Howard expressed a feeling that cartoonists were mostly "cartoon geeks" and "archivists" today, and I miss his style of seeing life in what's left of "the industry".

ANTHRO from the 1960s was his proudest achievement. 

He was very into Matisse, Picasso (whose later work he called "old man porn") and Chagall. He admired, and possibly envied, the daily action cartoonists like Alex Raymond. He recommended several books to me which I've bought & haven't read; ANGELA'S ASHES was one.

Music-wise, he was very much into Errol Garner. A song he liked very much: "Little Old Lady" by Hoagy Carmichael.

He saw Ben Franklin as a hero. 

(Howard will always be one of mine!-MK)

Here, from Steven Thompson's blog, is a wide gallery of  Howard's work, focusing on the rarely seen earlier work from DC and Harvey! 


Friday, June 5, 2015



Tuesday, June 2, 2015


I went to a comedy open mic tonight, and it wasn't pleasant. There were no "jokes", but "Experiences". Along with the "I do/don't get laid" anecdotes, and "funny" bursts of  profanity when the jokes weren't working, all of the "comics" relied on race at some point. "I'm a white chick", "I was in the inner city", "black people scare me", etc. Just "open mic" cliches. I really don't need to go have a night of (theoretic) laughter and have to listen to a (white) kid take five minutes to tell me an anecdote about how the cops let him off clean, concluding with "And the moral is...White privilege still exists" as if it was some heavy, enlightened profundity. No one was humorous, everyone was bombing, I left early even though a couple of comics I DO like were going to come eventually. I may be off comedy for a while.

Anyway, I really liked (maybe even loved) OLD YELLER earlier today. Yes, my first time seeing it.


Monday, June 1, 2015


It's refreshing to draw non-cartoons; almost recreation.

I had to kill a couple of hours today, so I stopped at the coffee house to draw people's...backs! I used to try to capture facial likenesses in my quick jottings, but (for now) that slows me up. I'm aiming for a general impression; physique, posture, pose, while my subjects stand at the counter. Backs differ. Clothing folds form designs of their own. A rear view can actually convey personality.

My thin Sharpie wore out during my session, causing me to miss a couple of good opportunities.. Fortunately, I learned the cafe has a jar of pens for artists & writers. From now on, I'll be using a ball-point! Inspired, I bought a small notebook on the way back, and plan (as always advised in manuals) to carry it in my pocket all the time.

BTW, this is my 300th blog post! Thanks to those who've stuck with it!