Friday, September 27, 2019


A friend, an elderly lady, stopped by and asked to see my work. She had never seen it before. I tried playing it safe first (I thought) and showed her the blues singer. It got a slightly bemused lost-for-words reaction. "Oh, my..." Then she saw others in the room. It was like Elmer Fudd's reaction to Bugs "throwing fits". "Oh my gwacious...Oh my..." She was able to take a little solace in the smiling girl against yellow. Then she asked about my cartoon/comic work. What I showed her was G-rated, but it was the same thing. "Oh, ooh..." We're still friends, but since I'm not trying for to flummox people (almost the opposite), it's a little saddening to get that reaction. I don' wanna scare people, I jus' wanna be friendly.

A cel I was mailed to sign, missing the mouth level. "Someone ought to SHOOT the fellows that make these cartoons!!"

UPDATE: Hey! Turns out Chris *had* Robotnik's mouth cel allll the time!

A MIDNITE lineup over the years. Someone noted that my own characters often go "off model" within the same story. I just do what I feel is appropriate. I never drew a model, so going "off model" is impossible.



Sunday, September 15, 2019


I did this poster, now in the window of the Artisan Alley building where my show will be in a couple of weeks.

 Two more works...

From the "It's Nice to Be Noticed" Department: A divine mural by James Lloyd includes my character, Ginger (with an "MK" credit)!! Canada.

A drawing by "Ian V." of an 80s comic book character of mine, Midnite the Rebel Skunk. I am aroused.