Monday, February 8, 2016


When I was small (late 60s-early 70s), I got hold of an old comic or two and saw male & female characters that looked like burlesque performers. I was frustrated by the fact that new funny books were never so sophisticated. (No, not even Dan DeCarlo or Harry Lucey's ARCHIE comics.) This was a window on grownup stuff to me. Which is, I think, what kids REALLY want. By that, I mean kids don't want to be spoken to as "kids", which the media's forgotten entirely.
It's the feeling of being let in on an adult joke, which was very gratifying. It was being given respect and the credit for having a brain. Not every kid dreams about becoming a fucking superhero!!

SUZIE by Al Fagaly for MLJ/Archie comics, late 1940s. Panel stolen from Ron Evry for sole purpose of expressing my thoughts.

Friday, February 5, 2016


More from a graphic novel that will remain unfinished: The Cyril Lionel Robert James comics bio. (4 January 1901 – 19 May 1989), best known as C. L. R. James, who sometimes wrote under the pen-name J. R. Johnson, was an Afro-Trinidadian historian, journalist, socialist theorist and essayist.



I mentioned the interesting facial features of MM & how they're good for practicing. These are not intended as totally successful likenesses, but an attempt to capture some of those shapes & problems. It all helps me in loosening up & becoming "sure".-MK


Wednesday, February 3, 2016


This pose came into my mind last night. I always try to express the character's emotion in every detail I can. Here's a diagram.


I did a SLUG & GINGER comic for SCREW in the mid 1980s: Ginger was whoring herself to billionare Ronald Rump, and Slug was jealous. It ended with Slug imitating Rump and making a phone call to a Japanese company and saying "You're Fired!", goading them into nuking Rump Towers, along with the greater NY area. Rump was gone under the rubble, leaving Slug & Ginger to enjoy a happy (but deformed) reunion.

We need these kind of comics now. Write your congressman.


Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Comic books are in themselves a fetish now, for the creators, the audience, and the "scholars". This does not bode well for widening their audience.
Cartoonists fall into creating for "niche" fan clubs and then complain about not reaching a "larger audience". Which do they want? Are they happy the way things are? For the love of Mike, I can't see why.


Oh my gawd. I unfriended someone on Facebook yesterday because he had made some pretty offensive statements about my use of the term "racial issues". By the term, I was referring to the new wave of violence. He assumed I was referring to welfare and blacks wanting more "assistance", and the rest of the "your own bootstraps" shit. After the "unfriend", and explanation of my reason for it, I got back:

"I didn't realize "racial issues" was White terrorism towards Blacks. I thought Racial issues like economics and political beliefs encompassed all colors. You have been consumed by hatred. You do realize that Democrats have run the inner cities into the ground and you keep voting for them right? Yes, you know. You just hate me because I'm White. Irony."

*BLOCK* I dood it. 

It's so easy. If the Dems would get up nerve and speak frankly and not allow themselves to be so easily sidetracked into meaningless drivel, they'd mop up the floor with 'em.
I sent parts of my post to the website of the Democratic Party , and doubt they'll even read it.


Sunday, January 31, 2016


On a sudden inspiration, I've recreated my 2000 ASIFA-Hollywood video program from ten cartoons posted on YouTube!:
The harsh realities of war were seen as ideal material for animated fantasy during the 1930s. See dancing doughboys, funny Huns, psychedelic gunplay, and some of the happiest decapitations on film!

Click on flyer image to watch!-MK.

Saturday, January 30, 2016


The artist was born in 1956 in Yhta City, Russia.

Seemingly obsessed with womanhood, working in lush Impressionist oils, his nudes are large, erotic, full of personality and humor. No artist like him.

Thursday, January 28, 2016


Whenever I see a graphic novel with characters looking more or less like this, I know I'm not interested:

I don't just mean the quality. These are the signals of the "poor hipster me" narratives I can do without, no matter how they're drawn (which rarely differs). It's a stylistic cliche within the 'alternative', like cops having tube shaped hats.

Often I get the impression that the artist resorts to the visuals not out of desire, or because they can't do any better, but that they don't want to go thru the discomfort of trying to. At the rates sequential artists are paid, one can't afford to spend too much effort per page.


Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Yeah, the way I figure it, I've got only 20-25 years to go on This Wasteland Earth; the last five years since I moved to this house went by as quick as a bunny. So after four or five more rounds, Goodbye!!

Sunday, January 24, 2016


To me, Friz Freleng was the Looney Tune director with the real insight about behavior. He had a touch of the melodramatic that led to some depressing moments. The sequence & the music as the "hero" seeks his revenge are perfect. LET IT BE ME (1936).

One of the most unpleasant exploitation dramas ever enacted by mice.  HE WAS HER MAN (1937).

Friday, January 22, 2016


I'm looking forward to being too old for others to ask me which video games I play or whether I watch ADVENTURE TIME. But as I grow older, America's sense of culture gets more infantile...


At a thrift store yesterday, I was offered the senior discount. Even after finding the truth, I was given it anyway. Through three store visits, I got a whole new Spring/Summer wardrobe for under $50.


Even I feel vain posting pics of myself. I'm having them taken to track the changes as my weight lowers. This was at the MD's today. Everything checks out great, and the doctor halved my cholesterol medication. I can't help being pleased with m'sef.


It's too early for me to start thinking in terms of this song, but it always cheers me up. SWING, MAMA. (Begins in mid-verse.)

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


An FB friend sent me a link to a Tweety & Sylvester cartoon, for some reason wanting to know what I thought. My answer was:

"I watched SANDY CLAWS again. It's very funny, well made in every way. But that's where I feel I differ from WB fans in general. "Funny" isn't enough for me. I like my animation graphic and experimental. Yes, the Freleng, Jones and McKimson shorts had it all together, but their series had formulas that they repeated, honed and sharpened to an exact science. Even a ritual. Of these, I like Freleng's best because of their perceptive, human being outlook. (Jones just thought he had one.) But I'd much rather watch a funky foreign cartoon with no 'gags' to speak of because the artists were ambitious but still feeling their way around. I find that exciting."

One reason I'm not as excited by the Looney Tunes as the films I normally discuss is that, generally, I'm not taken into any 'new worlds' by them. Any given WB series after 1950, and I can predict where I'm going to go.


Some people on the web are upset about this one, but I say: RIGHT ON, MRS. MITCHELL!! I like the way CGI is referred to as "puppets", because that's what they are.


"Please Handle with Care", played by Isham Jones, sung by Eddie Stone:

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


After Bakshi, I wish more animation had taken the realist road. We need this too, not just the candy colored computerized blockbusters. (Actually, I don't need those at all. They're ugly and moronic.)
This is an amazing achievement that probably hasn't been celebrated enough. Animation is such an ephemeral medium. All that work, and in six minutes it's over. And I don't mean Bugs Bunny. Those were made by buildings full of employees and the financing of major motion picture studios.

THE BEHOLDER (1983) by Christopher Sullivan
(Click on image.)

THE BEHOLDER (1983) by Christopher Sullivan

Saturday, January 16, 2016


Sophisticate that I am, I did some poetry readings in the late 90s in an attempt to exorcise a few demons. I actually became somewhat popular and got headlined on a flyer. I sometimes did sketches of other performers with lines they said.



I just saw this for the first time, and had to share it. A FAMILY CHRONICLE (1961). Called "a Fairy Tale for Adults", it 's about a dispute between newlywed cats, in a very mid-century milieu. Excellent in every way. I'll keep my eye out for more post-1960 Soyuzmultfilms.

Thursday, January 14, 2016


Comics like KRAZY KROW were published because at the time, they would sell half a million copies, not because they were artistic statements. Something all we "funny animal" cartoonists need to remember.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


This here's a true story, I swear by my tattoo. Trying to survive while awaiting the publication of the first HUGO, and not wanting to return to my fucked up parental home:

"It reached the dead of winter. Wheezy’s shoes were deteriorating in the snow. He couldn’t easily afford new ones. One evening, seeped through with water, they were just about destroyed. Wheezy was prepared to return to his room shoeless. Then, on an empty street, he saw, half covered by the falling snow, a pair of heavy, mangy shoes left standing at the side of a building. As he sat on a snowy stoop, pulling them on, he thought that this could have been a sign to keep at it."

I called them "Noah's Shoes", after the novel by Max Fleischer (which I have never seen), and because I felt I was on some sort of a journey. When I visited the old house, my mother was horrified. Under protest, I let her buy me a new pair.

If I seem vain posting pictures of myself in suits, part of it is because once I couldn't afford shoes.


Thursday, January 7, 2016


I wear zoot suits because it disorients people. It's like showing butt cracks, but prettier. That's the kind of rebel I am.

Whe...llll...They're mostly "quasi-zoots". But every time I post a picture, everyone calls it one. The one below I did get from C&R Clothiers, now out of business. They were good. 20 years later, and it's still holding up.

Being an alienated personality, a lot of my general preferences for art & music; the work I create; my general lifestyle... have been (small) forms of rebellion that make people angry even today.  MK

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


A specialized genre of Russian poster art was the work safety warning. Their aim was to cause nightmares. These are the SHOCK SUSPENSTORIES of poster art. There are hundreds more!

Monday, January 4, 2016


From LA VIE PARISIENNE (1910s-20s): The healthy-legged lovelies of Armand Vallee! With their big, shapely bodies and baby doll faces, they border on a perverse appeal.

TTFN, Milt