Monday, February 29, 2016


Some of my few originals: a Jim Tyer cover from an issue of  MIGHTY MOUSE FUN CLUB MAGAZINE. I have the comic somewhere.

The one page I own from an Oil Can Harry story by Jim Tyer. A group of friends & I won the whole strip on Ebay and drew straws for our choice. I picked the longest!!

On the reverse was a set-up for the original ending, hand lettered by Tyer himself!

A Connie Rasinski page, drawn after the studio was sold to CBS, at which time, the comics improved. I have the whole seven page story. It's on hard 3-ply illustration board, and its quality then was amazing. The sizes they worked in back then were incredibly large, compared with today. I still work about 18 x 11". Another reason comics people think I'm crazy. (Dig Mitzi's legs!)

Two SPOOKY gag pages by favorite & good friend Howard Post.


We close with a robust British commercial jingle by distinguished composer Noel Gay!

And remember: "Don't kill your wife with housework, let electricity do it for you!"

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