Friday, June 13, 2014


A few anthology books I'm proud to have taken a small part in recently:

 BOHEMIANS: A century of counter culture edited by Paul Buhle and rendered by a sparkling array of comic artists. Available from Verso Books.

Panels from "'Stretch' Johnson, my five page contribution to BOHEMIANS.

MOLASSES: Some very funny stuff here, engaging, new, and classic, too. Cover artist and editor, the enterprising Jason Payne. Available this September. Click HERE for previews.

Panels from "Blackbird Pie", my two page strip in MOLASSES.

APUCKALYPSE: Cartoonists from all parts of the globe given one page each to share their visions of the end time. In both English and Italian editions, both rocking with rueful laughter. Here, check out their Facebook page.

From my page in APUCKALYPSE.

Today's song: "My Canary has Circles Under his Eyes", a robust bouncer from England's Debroy Somers.

Yrs, MK


JasonPayne said...

Thanks for the mention, Milton. I'm glad you could be a part of Molasses; it just wouldn't have seemed proper to have a Funny Animal book with out you!

Your samples from those other 2 books look great (as usual.) I'll have to add those books on to my wishlist.

Take it easy.

HectortheFox95 said...

Nice Post. : )