Sunday, August 10, 2014


I posted these the other day on YouTube:

1950 was possibly the high point of loopy Terrytoons animation. This one puts a novel twist on the Tom & Jerry “kill the romance” plot. Very overstated, wild animation by all.

This rare later Gandy has him as “the new sheriff”. Many gags are pale echoes of Bugs Bunny/Yosemite Sam encounters, but the crazy animation and satisfying climax may make it worth your while.

I don't hang on to many things I loved as a child, but this is forever. The virtues of Jim Tyer's shootout need not be stated, and I was especially wowed by the bizarre surprise in Carlo Vinci's "gun matching" scene.
As a kid, before home videos, I had to keep memories of this one in my head through the school day so I could attempt to reproduce the "feel" in still drawings at home. Animation like this is not just made up of "funny" and "cool" drawings; it has to be expertly timed to "read" at all. They all knew their stuff (not just the "stars" of the studio).

Enjoy, Milt!

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