Thursday, March 3, 2016

HUGO GOES TO MARVEL (Wait for the Punch Line!)

Three consecutive pages from a Hugo story called "Kind Hearts and Anarchists". It's dated 1981, so I was 18 or 19. I won't bother listing its many faults. I will say that Trina liked the first page you see. Said the femmes were "Archie-like". On the other hand, Larry Hama at Marvel (I did one assignment on CRAZY for him) tore it up critically. On page 2, the first panel of the second row is supposed to be the interior of a shop; Mr. Hama complained of the lack of an establishing shot. Of the black space in the BG, it was "What the hell is this??" Surprise!! It was painful and embarrassing, but all to my benefit.He also encouraged me to ink with a brush. He drove me to improve professionally, and it did me a LOT of good. I was too immature to really appreciate that. (I'd like to send out an apology to him.) Other artists will tear into you critically just to get themselves off. Everything Hama said made perfect sense. Too bad there aren't editors yelling over desks to whip these kids into shape today. 
(The second drawing I ever made of Slug & Ginger to "establish copyright". Sensei Hama suggested I do that, too.)

 A snappy rendition of "The Music Goes 'Round and Round" by Clyde McCoy.


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