Saturday, July 23, 2016


People get irate when I lay part of the blame on the Democratic doorstep, but I do. I know of no one with more than a grudging approval of Ms. Clinton, even on FB. They weren't even trying. We can't afford to deny on our own shortcomings.
I'm sorry, the Dems did an incredibly weak job, and most of its voters will be too disillusioned or frightened of the future (very popular at the moment) to act. I've always felt that "our side" needs a "gonzo" candidate of its own, but they won't get one. The Dems should know by now that straight, mild Marquis of Queensbury types (who actually veer to the "right" so they will not "offend" voters) just won't capture a public when things have reached their current state..under a Dem president who wanted to play "bi-partisan" with people who wanted to see him dead; all colors of the public actually wanted marked improvement after W eight years ago, and we did not get it).
This is an age of meaningless conviction. The best the powers can do is accuse, deny or defend. "Well, so-and-so would have been worse..." Black Lives Matter has been the strongest movement in over 20 years. But I don't know if even Obama supports it. And *what-the-fuck* harm could it do if he came up with a meaningful statement now??

It's almost funny: if there is a President Trump, there will be a fierce internal struggle; nobody in Washington, even his aides, actually respects or likes him, or has faith in his abilities. They're just hitching their wagons to a maniac (by now a product, not an individual).

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nodnarB said...

Watching Clinton and her Vice president nominee is painful. They seem to be trying to act as mellow and sensible as possible, but it just comes off fake. It would be nice to have someone as outspoken as Trump on issues that I cared about. Sanders was talking a good talk on a lot of things, but I guess that's over.