Saturday, September 3, 2016


I wrote a little evaluation of Carlo Vinci's animation on my Facebook page. I'm repeating it here:

It's a matter of following his work since childhood, before knowing his name. Always hard to put an animator's specialty into words; Vinci's is largely the quick body motion into a slower, steady position before going into a quick move to the next slow. That timing. The body moves in reaction to the weight of the joint raised or moved. There's a grace to it, and a dimensionality.(He didn't spare three-quarter to profile views, etc.)

From PASTRY TOWN WEDDING: The little guy in this scene after 2:20 makes my timing thing clearer, I hope.

 Another quality of his I admire is that when Vinci drew a character, it appeared to have an intellect, rather than only an emotion. Even his early HB stuff. Making a character like Fred look aware of what's going on instead of just a dumb nut isn't all that easy.


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nodnarB said...

Cool post Milton. Your analyses of differen't animators styles adds extra enjoyment to watching a cartoon.