Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Artists from Chile, Spain, Italy and the good ol' USA who've done their 'take' on my methods or characters.

An artist from Spain. Saved long ago, their DeviantArt account seems to be inactive, and I don't remember their name. If you're out there, please contact me for a credit!

By syrupneko at "Then you get to the princess there. Oh man. She's wild to draw. Milton's style is deceivingly simple, since everything is so well constructed. But if you try to draw it using standard old boring construction (i.e. a circular circle) you'll be doing it wrong. His head shapes are all ASYMMETRICAL and the expressions are amazingly exaggerated - all very slanty, as if they're all doing Jim Carey/Ace Ventura impressions."

 Two by CLXcool (Chris Leonido) at I think it was Chris who tried to get a "draw Midnite" thread going. (No takers).

By Lackee (in Chile), "Para los conocedores me influencie mucho en el trabajo de Milton Knight, quizas sea mucha copia, pero lo tomo como plataforma para afinar mas lo que es dibujo." Google translation: "
In this drawing, I was trying to incorporate some thing of the exaggerated drawings of the Milton Knight, but without catching pro very cartoon antig√£o, as it makes."

"Hugo additive/subtractive graphite" by CronosGuy


I am a little more bitter about this interpretation of Slug 'n' Ginger by Silvano (in Italy), so I don't feel bound to supply a link. He is otherwise a straight bondage/CREEPY type of artist: "Non mi piace leggere "Topolino",ma di tanto in tanto mi diverto a disegnare funny animals ...I don't like to read WD's licensed comics, but every once in a while I do enjoy to draw funny animals..."
I recognize the subject matter as being the same as a Slug & Ginger commission I did for a certain client . Either my work cost too much or wasn't sexually arousing enough, so...evidently...this gent was hired to continue the 'cycle'.

By chricko (Christian Lofwall) at He declares Midnite "A badass chick that makes Lara Croft look like a little school girl." I like the lipstick print.

A reminder that my two new HUGO comics from The Comix Company are still available! Both comics are digest sized, 28 b/w pages with color covers, $4 each plus $2.50 postage. More previews here. Contact me at for ordering details!
Terrytoon of the day: ANTS IN YOUR PANTRY (1945). This one has lots of what Terrytoons are notorious for: cycles! And cycles of the commonest kind: ants harvesting and a baby factory! It also has a voluptuous Queen Ant and a sweetly delivered punchline which may make it worth your trouble. Withheld from television release; presumably because it leaves too many "birds-and-bees" questions unanswered for tiny tots (and their beleaguered parents). Click on pic.

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