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Howdy, everyone! Welcome to my blog! Here, I'll be sharing samples of my artistic endeavors, news of upcoming projects, and lot of the art, film & music I enjoy.

First things first: I'm having a one-night, one-man show Sunday, Nov. 10, 6-9 pm! I'm hoping everyone in the LA area can come so's I can meet you in person!





The Brewery Arts Complex
672 S Ave 21, Unit 4
Los Angeles, 90031
We are working to make this a very special event. Bring all the friends you can stand!
I hope you can make it.

I also wanted to mention my two new comic books, published by The Comix Company:

The first is THE LADY IN QUESTION, a reworking of one of the stories from the very first issue! Hearty laffs and mind-bending adventures as Hugo is drawn into Hell, leaving his rescue to Princess Trish! Digest sized, 28 b/w pages with color cover. $4 plus $2.50 postage.
Copies of my original CD-R copies are still available as well; with extra pinups and sketches from the story. Color sleeve, 400 dpi images, just right for viewing on the screen or printing out. $5 plus $2 postage. Contact me at for ordering details!
Some previews (there are more at my website):
The second book is BOUGHT and SOLD; OR HOW TO MAKE A CAT SCHIZOPHRENIC, in which Hugo reflects upon his past, and his story is told. Previews below (there are more at my website).

This comic is also digest sized, 28 b/w pages with color covers. $4 plus $2.50 postage. Contact me at for ordering details!

And, lest this blog comes across as a big advertisement, a pair of cartoons: The first, an animated sequence by the Wan Brothers from a 1930s Chinese feature, in which Eastern and Western cartoon aesthetics come together in a blend (or blenda).
Recreation of the Wan Brothers' studio office in The Shanghai Animation & Comics Museum
The figures 'throb' with life and remind me of the American animation of "Vet" Anderson
The Mutt & Jeff silent cartoons have long been some of my favorites. Here, a nitrate print of a  from the 1920s, long considered "lost". Energetic. to say the least! Stuffed with gags and wonderful animation by Dick Heumer:
There'll be more soon! Bye-bye for now, pallys. 'Til we meet again...


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