Thursday, November 7, 2013

NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY (For Adults Only)

You can believe it or not, but ever since I was a kid (late 1960s) I wanted to do 'adult' cartoons. It was early viewings of cocktail napkins, Jimmy Hatlo comics, and the subtly voluptuous women of the cartooning manuals that did it. I wanted to be the boss chasing the secretary around the desk!
(Discovering underground a Manhattan news stand, at age seven, was a truly magical moment. I didn't notice the smut; here were comics that looked like cartoons (!) as opposed to the Archie and Gold Key diet that kept my aesthetic heart barely beating.)
A girlfriend, upon seeing an erotic cartoon I did in my late teens, opined that this was a form I should never abandon; one more mature lady claimed that an exhibition of my paintings gave her an orgasm! Whatever...I find this genre infinitely exciting.
What follows is a small selection of my erotic illos for SCREW. Works I don't dare post on FB. To me, this art is innocence itself, but if you're under 18, at work, or are turned off by nudity, DON"T SCROLL DOWN ANY FURTHER.

The cartoon for today:

FARMER AL FALFA'S APE GIRL (1932). The Farmer is abducted by a capering Jungle Goddess. As "pre-Code" as a Terrytoon ever got.

Hornily Yours, MK



Barbezinc said...

You've earned yourself a new follower. Keep that Knight goodness coming, Milton!

Valentin M.

Milton Knight said...

Great to have you on board, Barbezinc! I recognize your avatar as being from one of the Dubout cartoons.

Milton Knight said...

From FB:

Charles A. Brubaker: Lou Hepton? Was that your Sudy Nom?

Milton Knight: I felt I should at first. My father's coworkers were asking questions (I am Milton Knight, Jr.). After a while, I stopped caring. My favorite artists did erotic or sex art; why shouldn't I follow that great tradition?

Steve Gibson: Milton Knight , I love this stuff of yours! It has such an unpretentious sense of fun & skill - It evokes the best of the "old style" Newspaper Cartoonists. Even on FB you can "feel" the ink & newsprint..!!

Chris Leonido: If only if magazine art was as good as this. I even hear its lacking seriously in playboy. You can't go wrong with drawing dirty things. As long as you can make it good and funny then you got yourself a good drawing strip(pun intended).

Steve Gibson: Amen to that Chris!

Dexter Cockburn: Great stuff, Milton!

Keith J. Taylor: I moved to NY in 1973 after undergrad. I took over Jay Kinney's room in a huge apt. in Brooklyn (I was studying at the Brooklyn Museum of Art). Jay was kind enough to leave me a 5-6 foot stack of Screw Magazines. Quite an introduction to the Big City.

Steve Gibson: You lucky guy..!!

Chris Leonido: You still have those magazines Keith?

Keith J. Taylor: They were always Jay's.

Richard Von Busack: I wonder where the expression "bluenose" came from.

Milton Knight: When I worked at SCREW, the entire stock of back issues were at the staff's disposal. Stacks of each issue lying in a room collecting dust. I couldn't have cared less. I clipped out my art & threw the rest away. Despite working for them, my taste for sleaze hadn't developed beyond mainstream slicks & underground comix.

Gerry Acerno: They've been paying $150.00 per cover for 40 years.

Milton Knight: Handy way to get handy $. Wish they were still here...or are they?