Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Yes, there's much talk about maverick studio animator Jim Tyer on the web. I find most of the appreciation shallow.

Not often noted: Jim Tyer's work at its best was not just "crazy" and never "retarded". His work was communicative and had a terrific sense of design. His work for 'limited' TV animation was, to me, the most rewarding, because he set it free. The drawings through the entire films were, except for occasional scenes by uncredited assistants, all his own, up close and personal.  His directness had a quality sometimes childlike (and not childish). And I felt he was a kindred spirit when these TV cartoons were new. He was a showman. Stills from Hal Seeger's STUFFY DURMA series (that originally aired on MILTON THE MONSTER).

Today's cartoon: THE PRINCE AND THE PAUPER, late 1930s advertising cartoon for Chevrolet.
Could do without the razza-ma-tazz narrator, but this is a dazzling example of Jim Tyer directing on a big budget for a change!
Best Wishes, MK.

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Brubaker said...

Those Tyer stills are great, Milton!

I remember seeing the 1960s Felix cartoons, many of which were animated by Tyer. They were always blast to watch.