Friday, November 22, 2013

RECORD & CD COVERS! Mid-to Late 1980s

The cartoon of the day: Krazy Kat in THE BIRTH OF JAZZ (1932): Impressive early music synchronization with fevered visuals, 1930s-cartoony to the point of being camp. Classical themes: "Moonlight Sonata", "Poet and Peasant Overture". Popular themes: "Down Home Rag", "St. Louis Blues".
Love ya-MK


Joe Noce said...

Top-notch stuff! Thanks for posting.

Christopher Sobieniak said...

Really dig these, especially the "Viper Mad Blues" cover!

Milton Knight said...

(From FB):

Devon Baxter: ++++++++

Doug Holverson: A lot of the stuff does have a fun Tijuana Bible feel to it. Which is probably appropriate given the off-colorness of some of those recordings.

Vikki Abramowitz Apfelroth: your posts make me laugh great stuff keepm comming bye for now

Bruce Simon: These covers are great, I've not seen a one before.

Larry Shell: Yowsah! Great stuff! Do you still have the originals to any of these, Milt?

November 22 at 11:59am · Like
Milton Knight: I have the HALLOWEEN STOMP art and SISSY MAN BLUES (b/w). Also, a few others I haven't posted yet.

Larry Shell Sweet! Next time I have some extra cash, I might ask if you're selling any of 'em!

Paul F. Etcheverry: A piano-mad human predecessor of the immortal Goopy Geer - OUTSTANDING! Milton, by any chance did you do any album covers for Ralph Carney?

Milton Knight: Why,...uh, no! I haven't!

Paul F. Etcheverry: Ralph and Beth Custer accompanied cool silent-era cartoons at several shows I curated. No one can come up with improvised sound effects using musical instruments quite like them! Tommy José Stathes would have loved these shows.

Paul F. Etcheverry: And Ralph knows his stuff about classic cartoons!

Dexter Cockburn: Those are some amazing pieces, Milton!!!

Chris Sobieniak: I dig the one of Adam and Eve witnessing doped-out animals screwing around. That's like something I'd do back in high school.