Sunday, November 3, 2013


I've said that ever since I was small, art & especially cartooning meant a lot to me. My originals go back only so far, but here are some to share:

Idea for a birthday card. Age: below 10.



From 1976 (age 14-): Section of a comic spoofing championship wrestling. Not much to this if you don't remember Billy Graham & the WWF.

Early HUGO (named SHAMUS, and a dog then) from 1978 (age 16): Hugo finds himself upstaged by Sir John Revolta, an entertainer from the future.

1978: Self-instruction in dip-pen and watercolor at age 16, at a height of personal interest in Terrytoons, medieval and space fantasy...and bandages.
The first $8 I earned in comic books: The first page of a "script" that apparently wound up in RICHIE RICH BILLIONS #34 (fortunately edited by Sid Jacobson). Does anyone have a copy?...I've never SEEN it!
Here's one from 1980-81 (age 19) of a teen character. "Zosh" was also the name of Sinatra's sister in THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM.
Sketches for unfinished stories, early 1980s.

1982 story sketch (before MGM started using the title "The Wolf and Red").

Late 1980s: Sketch for imaginary Edith Piaf LP.

The cartoon of the day:

Created by Noburo Ofuji, who had been cartoon making since the 1920s, often with decorative paper cutouts. The character animation looks like it was done 15 years before, but a lot of the elements are highly original; design (those trees!), use of camera focus. Heavily musical in a manner that recalls animation's earliest use of sound.The lesson here is: "If you can't count on your friends, travel alone".
 Well, cheerio; I  must be...shoveling off.-MK

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