Saturday, October 5, 2019


From a blog in 2014. Analyzing single frames of SONIC?? Well...uh...thanks!!
"Welcome once again to the Hall Of Frame, where we look at our favorite frames from some of the craziest cartoons. Today, we're going to tackle another YTP favorite, that being Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog. This is perhaps the third most used YTP source in the history of the genre, and it's very easy to see why. Apart from it's sense of humor that combines most of the slapstick of the Looney Tunes with the typical Saturday morning cartoon self-awarness, it's animation style is notable for how unconventional it is compared to others. With a cheap looking style and designs, AoTSH manages to produce a variety of wonderful and expressive visual gags. They capture the character's traits perfectly, with Sonic's fast movement and Robotnik's hammy ego. It never loses sight of the fact it is a cartoon and uses all the opportunities it can to express the surreal nature that lies in a world of pure nonsense. Yes, for such a simple show, AoTSH can bring about some truly great frames worth to be talked about. And we're here to talk about them." 

"In the end I feel like this is one of the hidden gems that fulfill's Milton Knight's philosophy when drawing Robotnik: he's not necessarily drawn well, but he's most certainly drawn expressively, and that's what counts."

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