Thursday, October 10, 2019


I'm not certain how to get to the programs, but an interview with Yrs Trly in conjunction with the current gallery show will be at 5:30 pm Eastern tine on BIG TALK! WFBH Bloomington, Indiana 

A drawing by Michael Arnold!


Good practice: Marilyn heads.


Mark Kausler said...

Hi Milton, I enjoyed your Big Talk interview very much. I recorded both parts and put them up on Here's the link:
Mark Kausler

Mark Kausler said...

Hi Milton,
I hope you got my comment yesterday, and the link to the Big Talk radio shows that I posted on I noticed that on part two, you were cut off at the end of the program, was there a part three? Just curious. If there WAS a part three, please let me know, as they only archive their broadcasts for two weeks at a time.
All best, Mark