Saturday, October 3, 2020


One tactic that bigots use is trying to make you feel dirty and associating you with dirt. My ex-neighbor (and secretly house owner) would say "s..t" every time I passed. Beyond his fences & guard dogs and the local police not being on my side, I don't know how I halfway ignored him. Always baiting me to turn it into a "racial issue" he could use against me. But I called him every name in the book before I left. And left a full urinal in the bath tub.

Bigots hate to witness a "minority" having a life & mind more together than theirs. You're "stealing" it from them. That's why they hated Obama. I wonder how the owners & management company felt when they saw the press coverage of me and my art history and that my GoFundMe went up so fast? (They were checking on it.)
Even the term "minority" is demeaning. I will not use it again.

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