Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Google translation from Russian site:

"Even today these stories and style, though out of fashion, but not gone. Milton Knight is perhaps one of the last comic artists, which can be safely dubbed heirs underground. «Midnight the Rebel Skunk», «Hugo», «Slug and Ginger» - his brainchild. Crazy cartoon graphics and insane plot nedetskiy become the hallmark of his work."


"Today, I have a day Milton Knight .
Horrible nigra completely nepriemlyuschaya escapism in kartunizme, Bakshi worked with over the "cool world" and works with prushchego Victor Lyapkalo .
Draws as breathing, and breathing loudly .
Finally downloaded it Slug 'n Ginger and used the under portveshok. Ah what I am now pleased.
Bright Shard old school.

"Old school ... Hmm ... I think this is the direction the school died. Ну тоесть как погибло. As well, ie killed. If you give this style, you can not expect the first places in the charts. But the fact is that those who give this style put horseradish on the charts. But are there many who puts on the charts at all?"

From an autographed book I was given by a Russian cartoonist, Mikhail M.....? (at a cartoonists' conference in Hungary, 1990). If you can't read it, it says: "To the Big Black Milton with the Greatest Wishes."


Illustration that appeared on the cover of the 1997 ASIFA-Hollywood "Annie Awards" program. The zoetropes are the organization's emblem.

Swarthily Yours, MK


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