Sunday, March 23, 2014


My second cover for SCREW, and the first incarnations of SLUG & GINGER.

I did not start putting ‘sex’ in my art to make money; I wanted to do it. I’m good at it. It comes naturally.

You can believe it or not, but ever since I was a kid (late 1960s) I wanted to do 'adult' cartoons. It was early viewings of cocktail napkins, magazine gag cartoons, and the subtly voluptuous women of the cartooning manuals that did it. I wanted to be the boss chasing the secretary around the desk!

I was also immersed in fine art. After high school hours, I drew nude models at BOCES Cultural Arts Center (Syosset, NY), and was aware that many artists I admire have dabbled in the erotic, much of it comical. I did not have the concept as the nude as “nasty”.

I never conceived my work to be masturbatory material, feeling it too situational and outlandish. Some fans have experienced it differently to a point where I’ve had requests for commissions reducing my characters into mindless porno zanies. I insist that they remain true, and the results are ones I’m sure satisfy neither one of us.

I see sex as a very important experience in the characters’ lives. It can be comic, sublime or grotesque; it can strip their inner workings bare as well as their outer ones.

The comic book atmosphere in America has become a lot more uptight. While the “serious” ones are turning more violent and depraved, sexual situations in the humorous are “unclean”; confined to the inane “jerk off” books.

While the idea is touted that comics aren’t just for kids anymore, they still haven’t really “grown up”.
Cordially Yours, MK

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