Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I swear. I was in the bookstore, trying to make my way through one of them, and this happy-dappy jogger dude with a paper cup of tea comes up the aisle, bumping an old man in passing. "'Scuse me!" He is obsessed with small talking to anyone around, often about his tea, which he can't live without.. He makes a couple of friendly remarks to me. I smile, say "yeah", return a remark or two, and go back to my reading. Then he actually pulls a book from the shelf and reads the texts of it out loud in a clear voice, turns to me and says something like, "Yeah, right, funny, eh, Dude?" I have to put on a more concentrated expression as I read mine so he'll take the hint.


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vwstieber said...

I know that guy. He sits next to me on every damn plane ride.