Monday, October 20, 2014


I'm finding a lot of people don't look at the art closely anymore; it's who did it that counts. If it's not a work of "somebody", it's not worth looking at.

Society makes the assumption that if an artist is REALLY good he'll make the history books thru sheer merit. Bull. Who knows how many Van Goghs there were in his time who people STILL refuse to observe and treasure?


Cartoon from "HOT DOG", 1930.


nodnarB said...

Woah, what a butt!!!! Aslo, I agree. It is sad to notice this tendency in my self. I think it is important to trust your self when you like something. It can be easy to ignore it if it is not "known" as you say. I feel like, if something draws you in, then it is good, regardless of what popular opinion is. Even if it is something "obviously bad". Like smooth jazz, or new age music.

Milton Knight said...

Absolutely. I had to work with that characteristic, too. It took a while for me to start exercising my natural curiosity.
Thanks for writing!