Thursday, April 30, 2015


IT'S NEW TO ME, FELLAS: Some worthy soul has uploaded a FELIX cartoon I directed back in 1996 and have NEVER SEEN myself 'til 2:30 this morning!! I mean never. The last show of the season ended in a rush; my assistant was called back to THE SIMPSONS, so I did the screenplay & storyboard alone in a month. The season ended, I was out on the street and deliberately avoided seeing the cartoon, thinking I'd only cringe. But aside from some dialogue that didn't come off, even I'm rather...pleased. (The cartoon, GROSS GHOST, begins at 7:50.)

Four cartoons done in about six months, and no film back from Korea 'til after the season was finished. No chance to learn from my mistakes. It was a silly situation. I dearly wish I could have gotten into a "groove" and steadily improved as I directed more, but that was not to be.

The cartoon being of ghostly nature, I incorporated images from the HALLOWEEN STOMP cd cover...


Anonymous said...

One of my Tumblr friends led me to this cartoon sometime last year (he's a fan of Twisted Tales of Felix)…I had no idea you'd never seen the finished product until now!

Mark Kausler said...

Felix's Umbrella Tail "take" is one of the most creative ones I've ever seen! The timing of it was really good, the animator who got the scene really knew exactly how to wag the tail and to delay the umbrella opening just enough so that the fur being pulled off was shocking and hilarious at the same time. You made me LOL with that one! Thanks Milton, for being the creative cartoonist that you are.
Mark Kausler