Friday, April 3, 2015


Ancient Asian art dealt in humorous scenes in styles that are so bold and fresh, I find it striking that these examples were done an average of two and a half centuries ago. it  These are not normally classified as cartoons, but it's just the kind of draftsmanship I admire & try to emulate.

Street-tradesmen Brawling. Koyusai, 1781.

The Travelers and The Monkeys. Kawanabe Gyosai, 1875. This is said to be spun off AESOP'S FABLES illustrations by Sir John Tenniel (the ALICE IN WONDERLAND artist), but Gyosai has clearly made it his own!

From a print set called COMIC FAMOUS PLACES OF OSAKA by Yoshitoyo. The populace at fish market is attacked by octopi and eels, while others conduct business as usual.


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