Friday, May 22, 2015


I had a gallery owner tell me to stick to "my heritage" in my paintings. My "heritage" is American. There are definite expectations as to the work a black artist is to do to be accepted. Needless to say, I hate the bastards.

POST SCRIPTS: A Facebook friend shared this post, and someone remarked that to say one's heritage is "American" is "too bland and pussy". To which I said: " My interests and loves are international. As America is. I feel no closer to "Black" culture than any other. I grew up with blacks unwilling to look outside their own neighborhoods. And hostile to those who did. That is a way of staying "safe". I call that "pussy"."

"Many black people think that because a popular entertainment has a black "face" that it is black "culture". News: They're all by the same producers. SHAFT is no more a "black" film than MAJOR DAD."

"I'd be more interested in doing a graphic novel about Van Gogh than about Frederick Douglass. But there are folks (black and white) who'd have a hard time with that aspiration." 

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