Tuesday, June 2, 2015


I went to a comedy open mic tonight, and it wasn't pleasant. There were no "jokes", but "Experiences". Along with the "I do/don't get laid" anecdotes, and "funny" bursts of  profanity when the jokes weren't working, all of the "comics" relied on race at some point. "I'm a white chick", "I was in the inner city", "black people scare me", etc. Just "open mic" cliches. I really don't need to go have a night of (theoretic) laughter and have to listen to a (white) kid take five minutes to tell me an anecdote about how the cops let him off clean, concluding with "And the moral is...White privilege still exists" as if it was some heavy, enlightened profundity. No one was humorous, everyone was bombing, I left early even though a couple of comics I DO like were going to come eventually. I may be off comedy for a while.

Anyway, I really liked (maybe even loved) OLD YELLER earlier today. Yes, my first time seeing it.


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