Friday, November 13, 2015


****WARNING: MESSAGE ABOUT DEPRESSION. DO NOT READ IF YOU BELIEVE PEOPLE SHOULD "JUST GET OVER IT". (However, if you've been "in" it, hopefully, you'll relate.)****

I get asked a lot, "If you're seeing a therapist, why aren't you feeling better?" Often the answer is the one I've got: A therapist does not "cheer you up" or tell you what to do. It's NOT a simple A-B-C question, walk out of the office and everything's fine affair. A good therapist helps you to learn the deep rooted reasons for your depression and the roots of your destructive behavior. Most people can't face that; they'd rather go to the grave in denial. The pain of facing the causes can be horrible. Only a brave person can. We are in the minority. I am thunderstruck to discover the facts of my own past, and all the years I've lost misdirecting pain. But I found it much more frightening to be tortured by psychic pain NOT KNOWING THE CAUSE OF IT. Unable to get out of bed or simply overwhelmed, etc. Now that I know more about mine, life is much less frightening, and I have greater control over it. I know what I'm doing. Am I happy? Maybe 50% of the time. Do I ever expect to be 90% happy? No. But now at least I know the reasons WHY and don't end up switching off half my brain and pointlessly chasing a false "happiness" for the rest of my days. I am now fully conscious.


A musical short featuring Yvonne ("Lily Munster") De Carlo.



nodnarB said...

Interesting thoughts Milton. I believe therapy can be a really good thing. Those people are SMART! and can really help you figure stuff out that would be nigh impossible on your own.

Milton Knight said...

True. But they can be stupid, simplistic or full of denial themselves. It took over 40 years to find the one for me.