Sunday, November 15, 2015


THE VOICE OF THE TURKEY (1950), is one of the last cartoons directed by Bill Tytla at Famous Studios, and is mostly a grab bag of elements borrowed gracelessly from WB and MGM shorts.

But the scenes animated by Steve Muffati have a clownish grace and rhythm all their own; a tasteful, lively mix of angles and curves, with effective foreshortening. I especially love his drawings of hands.

Masterful Muffati was a chief animator on the Fleischer SUPERMAN cartoons. His long career stretched into the 1960s (Joe Oriolo's FELIX series). He was the originator of the designs for Harvey Comics' earliest kiddie comics (LITTLE DOT, LOTTA, RICHIE RICH).

Showcasing his animation in a purer state is this commercial animated by him in the early 1950s

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