Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Comic books are in themselves a fetish now, for the creators, the audience, and the "scholars". This does not bode well for widening their audience.
Cartoonists fall into creating for "niche" fan clubs and then complain about not reaching a "larger audience". Which do they want? Are they happy the way things are? For the love of Mike, I can't see why.


Oh my gawd. I unfriended someone on Facebook yesterday because he had made some pretty offensive statements about my use of the term "racial issues". By the term, I was referring to the new wave of violence. He assumed I was referring to welfare and blacks wanting more "assistance", and the rest of the "your own bootstraps" shit. After the "unfriend", and explanation of my reason for it, I got back:

"I didn't realize "racial issues" was White terrorism towards Blacks. I thought Racial issues like economics and political beliefs encompassed all colors. You have been consumed by hatred. You do realize that Democrats have run the inner cities into the ground and you keep voting for them right? Yes, you know. You just hate me because I'm White. Irony."

*BLOCK* I dood it. 

It's so easy. If the Dems would get up nerve and speak frankly and not allow themselves to be so easily sidetracked into meaningless drivel, they'd mop up the floor with 'em.
I sent parts of my post to the website of the Democratic Party http://www.democrats.org/ , and doubt they'll even read it.


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