Sunday, February 28, 2016


Such wonderful things can be done shooting hand drawings with computer technology. You only have to scan a 'cycle' once and you can repeat it for eternity. You can have an unlimited number of moving layers. But Hollywood didn't even consider it, because the move to 3d was not an artistic one. It's a production one. Fewer individual "creatives" to deal with; pre-assembled elements which can be pushed and moved by anyone in cheap labor nations; designs more easily translated into toys.

Animators cannot take the pride they once did in being part of a big studio project. Norm Ferguson, Ken Harris, Jim Tyer; all could point to their scenes with pride and think "I did that." And, if a viewer knew their styles, they could tell; but it all fit together. No one artist was committing a crime. I got in at the tail end of all that. Now, whether it's THE SIMPSONS or DESPICABLE ME 8, that's all over in Hollywood, probably for good.

I got here just before THE LION KING came out. Even then I had the feeling too much money was being thrown around and it wouldn't last. But I never could have predicted it'd change this way.  

As half the world is made sick by what Hollywood has to offer, the other half is seeking entertainment elsewhere. I, myself, feel I have made a sort of a creative "rejuvenation" on the internet. Of course, that and five dollars may get me a cup of coffee.



GOONY GOLFERS, a Heckle & Jeckle directed by Connie Rasinski. Loopy loveliness.


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nodnarB said...

It certainly is grim. As someone who is interested in being a part of "the industry" I have to say, there doesnt seem like theres a whole lot left in the industry to make it worth it. I mean, from what I understand, being a hand drawn animator in America is not a career option. That's a huuugggeee part of the appeal! I would work for peanuts if I could animate on a exciting project all day. But it's hard to think of any exciting projects from the studios any way! I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels like that. Maybe working a day job, and making films on the side is a better way to go! That's the thought that's been running through my head anyhow.

Thanks for the terrytoons post! I've been comparing some classic studios to differen't kinds of jazz groups in my head. And I think of Terrytoons as after hour jam sessions. Raw and full of invention. And it's always a great night when one of the greats is in the house. i.e. Charlie parker or Jim Tyer.