Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Animation for adults from USSR.
"1962...The artist-realist accidentally creates an abstract painting and becomes famous."
There is even a spoof of Jackson Pollock at work.Cold War propaganda equating abstract art with Western falseness, but it is clear that the film makers adored that art. Some of the best abstract painting & animation I've seen. By comparison, the "positive" realist art for "the people" comes across as falsity, especially at the wind-up. The moral is ironic, and the artists involved most likely knew it. What are you gonna do in a Fascist state? Un-be-fucking-lievable. And, thankfully, in pantomime.
(I haven't yet found a translation of the name of the creator.)

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nodnarB said...

That was amazing! There are so many good things going on at once! I really like the synthesizer music too.