Friday, May 13, 2016


CGI is not an "improvement" on drawn animation, stupid people! It's just different from it!!

Jankovics Marcell - Sisyphus (1974)

I love the point where the man pops into an abstract, swirling Ronald Searle-type line. It's this kind of graphic horseplay that excited me about animation in the first place. Connie Rasinski animation at 3:05. But Jankovics improves on it, with purposeful timing & finesse.  





nodnarB said...

That Sysiphus short is breath taking! Such a simple "story" too. It's 100% about the animation. Do you mean that the same animator worked on the terry toons cartoon? Or just that their animation is an improvement on Rasinski's?

Milton Knight said...

I was pointing out that the Terrytoons were the first animation I saw that distorted characters to such extremes for graphic effect, and that similar use of abstractions were used in the later film. Basically, that they are an important part of the art of animation, emoting in a way all its own, unique to the drawn image.

Milton Knight said...

If I worked on that comment a while, I could find a better way to express it, but it's been a long day!