Thursday, June 2, 2016


The Lives and Loves of Daisy and Violet Hilton: A True Story of Conjoined Twins by Dean Jensen. 

The Hilton Sisters were conjoined twins who were what society had great problems with: sexually magnetic freaks. Just finishing this book and I highly recommend it. The Hiltons are remembered now for their two movies, FREAKS and the "bad" cult classic, CHAINED FOR LIFE. Outstandingly researched, with remembrances of those who knew them. Written with an urgency that reads as an absorbing novel.  They were raised as show biz slaves, lauded by audiences and high society, reviled as spawns of the devil (even into the 1960s!) and imagined as sexual deviates. The book relates their dramatic ups and downs in life: from renowned Broadway music performers to low level strippers and back again. (It includes a very in-depth study of the making CHAINED FOR LIFE, which lost them their life savings for at least the second time.)

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