Friday, April 5, 2019


Hello Dear Patrons ($2 and up)! April 2019’s PDF Patreon Bonus awaits in your mailbox: Another six sequential pages from my private sketchbook 2017-19!

And FLASH! We are 85 dollars over my GoFundMe goal! Another Big Shout of THANKS for Your Support!

All the Best Wishes,


Nick said...

Cool seeing how you’re now over the initial funding goal. There’s clearly a Fleischer and Terrytoons inspiration in your art style however did you ever read comics by Ellis Holly Chambers in your youth? You did reveal some information about him from the late Howie Post but ever read some of his comics way back when?

Milton Knight said...

Oh, yes, I was hep to his work in my teens.

Nick said...

Cool! I do have a question, however. When you said Post referred to Chambers as a “psychotic,” what exactly did he mean?

Milton Knight said...

Well, he was using the term generically, as nonprofessionals did up until recently. Now folks would be more likely to define Chambers as a sociopath. Howard said Chambers could walk out with a bar stool and stare down the bartender. Intimidating, manipulating, on the edge.