Sunday, April 14, 2019


I sold two paintings in one week. For me, a record!


Why couldn't Rock Roll have mimed to his own record instead of forcing Fred?


This "we're going to remake this-and-that" feels like kids putting on their "own show".


I wonder how the classic illustration painters turned fine quality work out like machines and think maybe the pride in meeting a professional's deadlines was an incentive. As well as the steady pay that came with it. Of course, all that is over with.


Now that kids are allowed to watch Netflix in class and take girls into their bedrooms, I wonder why most of us went through such parent-and-teacher hell in the 70s. I'm disgusted.



Nick said...

Well when it comes to the artists of yesteryear churning out so much good work honestly people still work like that, just not as much in art. For example I do know in the video game industry “crunches” are a big issue but when it comes to art and comics the work demand seems to be less. As much as I like the old art and comics honestly they were overworked and there was almost a culture of pride in long hours and meeting the deadline, almost a workaholic atmosphere you find in numerous industries, but not so much in art these days. But man those old comics artists doing several books a month whereas now most only do one, back then being a comics artist meant you were a dedicated worker rather than someone who likes drawing and can see some money in it. The artists did more work and more consistent work but often it was kind of mechanical.

Milton Knight said...

I was speaking of the illustration painters such as Norman Rockwell and J. C. Leyendecker. Definitely *not* about comic book artists, most of whom were and are awful.