Saturday, October 10, 2015


Work on my novel at present: I did what I've heard advised; transcribed each story point of the second draft on separate index cards, stretched them out in rows on a table, examined the set, and placed them in different orders to see if I could strengthen the storytelling by changing the order of the events, seeing which would make the best contrasts. punchlines, etc. The fact that I started the process on a table at the coffee shop got me into a couple of interesting conversations.

I changed the order several times, and found the one I thought was best. It was somewhat different from the order of the second draft!

Next comes improving the text itself and filling in gaps, which I expect to take some time. So far, I've gained another 1500 words.I won't have to worry about saying "goodbye" to these characters for a while.

Getting it published? Well, as I said, I'm doing this for myself, so it's already paying off. What may happen later is of no concern now.

Keep clean, MK. 

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