Wednesday, October 21, 2015


From my (first) novel; Wheezy's adolescent years:
Girls were easy to get. Wheezy was an outlaw, dangerous, and dreadfully thrilling. There was the threat of a bruise with every kiss. He gravitated toward girls with low self esteem; ones begging for his approval. Each dreamed they were capable of being “the one” to fill the gap in his tormented soul. Wheezy developed a contempt for them.

Wheezy walked alone a lot of the time. His alienation was nurtured like a hothouse plant.

On the other end of the spectrum, Wheezy chose to join the high school’s drama group. He reveled in it. His frightening side dissolved. His fellow performers saw another side of him: alive with positive energy, amusing, and gifted with a devilish sense of humor. From the beginning, he was playing Falstaff and Puck, any character created with a deviant spirit. 

His parents couldn’t have cared less; they didn’t bother to show up at the presentations. Instead of disapproving of his interests, they ignored them entirely.

The extremes of his personality confused and threatened teachers; he was an adolescent personable and excellent in his English, drama and art classes, but could otherwise be deemed a brute.



nodnarB said...

I like these parts about Wheezy, they almost make you forget about the horrors he has commited in other posts!

Milton Knight said...

Thanks, nodnarB! This part is near the opening, before the horrors he commits. That could mean I'm getting to that point believably!

nodnarB said...

I think so! It will break my heart to find out how wrong he goes. These passages make me wanna root for him.