Thursday, October 1, 2015


While working on COOL WORLD, I told Ralph B. that Holly, the dancer, shouldn't just do rotoscoped moves. Being a 'doodle', she should do things a 'doodle' can. Dribble her head like a basketball, or grow more legs and do a can can. If it was synced to music effectively, rather than seeming random, it could have worked well. But, no, that wasn't 'sexy'. So she ended up being, IMO, a 'live' character with lines.

Even I don't love the film. But putting it down, meh. A waste of time. Now, DESPICABLE ME 8...

Sexier than Holly: I ran Ralph the dancing girl shot from THE TUBA TOOTERS. His mouth hung open, and he said "Oh my GAWD!!" But such designs were relegated to the BG.


f you're going to draw a cartoon, DRAW one, I say. With a kapital "K"!! (From NATIONAL DEFENSE, an Egyptian cartoon from 1940.)

 Now, THAT gets my pecker up!!


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