Thursday, December 18, 2014


Now for one of my favorites. Born in what is now the Czech Republic in 1871, Kupka began his education and career in Vienna, starting out with paintings ably rendered in a traditional style.

In 1906, Kupka set to work as an illustrator for popular and political periodicals in Paris. His paintings became more caricatural, witty, and stylized.

Influenced by the Futurist movement gaining ground in painting, and experimenting in the relationships between art, motion and music, Kupka's stylization progressed...

 ...and, by 1910 blossomed into the pure abstraction he worked in until his death in 1957.

"Music". Image from

Enjoy his art. It's been a big inspiration to me.

The images posted here have been saved over the internet at such varying times, I have forgotten most of their sources. If you're one of them, notify me. I will either give credit, or remove it if you wish.-MK

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