Tuesday, January 19, 2016


After Bakshi, I wish more animation had taken the realist road. We need this too, not just the candy colored computerized blockbusters. (Actually, I don't need those at all. They're ugly and moronic.)
This is an amazing achievement that probably hasn't been celebrated enough. Animation is such an ephemeral medium. All that work, and in six minutes it's over. And I don't mean Bugs Bunny. Those were made by buildings full of employees and the financing of major motion picture studios.

THE BEHOLDER (1983) by Christopher Sullivan
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THE BEHOLDER (1983) by Christopher Sullivan

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nodnarB said...

That was cool! Seeing something like this, and reading your thoughts makes me think a little harder about my goals as far as getting into the "industry". Coupled with Bakshi's recent inspiring interviews it certainly makes one think....