Wednesday, January 20, 2016


An FB friend sent me a link to a Tweety & Sylvester cartoon, for some reason wanting to know what I thought. My answer was:

"I watched SANDY CLAWS again. It's very funny, well made in every way. But that's where I feel I differ from WB fans in general. "Funny" isn't enough for me. I like my animation graphic and experimental. Yes, the Freleng, Jones and McKimson shorts had it all together, but their series had formulas that they repeated, honed and sharpened to an exact science. Even a ritual. Of these, I like Freleng's best because of their perceptive, human being outlook. (Jones just thought he had one.) But I'd much rather watch a funky foreign cartoon with no 'gags' to speak of because the artists were ambitious but still feeling their way around. I find that exciting."

One reason I'm not as excited by the Looney Tunes as the films I normally discuss is that, generally, I'm not taken into any 'new worlds' by them. Any given WB series after 1950, and I can predict where I'm going to go.


Some people on the web are upset about this one, but I say: RIGHT ON, MRS. MITCHELL!! I like the way CGI is referred to as "puppets", because that's what they are.


"Please Handle with Care", played by Isham Jones, sung by Eddie Stone:

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