Tuesday, January 12, 2016


This here's a true story, I swear by my tattoo. Trying to survive while awaiting the publication of the first HUGO, and not wanting to return to my fucked up parental home:

"It reached the dead of winter. Wheezy’s shoes were deteriorating in the snow. He couldn’t easily afford new ones. One evening, seeped through with water, they were just about destroyed. Wheezy was prepared to return to his room shoeless. Then, on an empty street, he saw, half covered by the falling snow, a pair of heavy, mangy shoes left standing at the side of a building. As he sat on a snowy stoop, pulling them on, he thought that this could have been a sign to keep at it."

I called them "Noah's Shoes", after the novel by Max Fleischer (which I have never seen), and because I felt I was on some sort of a journey. When I visited the old house, my mother was horrified. Under protest, I let her buy me a new pair.

If I seem vain posting pictures of myself in suits, part of it is because once I couldn't afford shoes.


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nodnarB said...

I like this part. It's inspiring to read about artists with guts and passion. And you putting it into Wheezy is great. He sure is an interesting and complex character. I imagine reading the whole novel with fresh eyes will be quite the roller coaster ride as we follow Wheezy. I'm definitely interested in buying a copy (just so ya know!)