Friday, January 22, 2016


I'm looking forward to being too old for others to ask me which video games I play or whether I watch ADVENTURE TIME. But as I grow older, America's sense of culture gets more infantile...


At a thrift store yesterday, I was offered the senior discount. Even after finding the truth, I was given it anyway. Through three store visits, I got a whole new Spring/Summer wardrobe for under $50.


Even I feel vain posting pics of myself. I'm having them taken to track the changes as my weight lowers. This was at the MD's today. Everything checks out great, and the doctor halved my cholesterol medication. I can't help being pleased with m'sef.


It's too early for me to start thinking in terms of this song, but it always cheers me up. SWING, MAMA. (Begins in mid-verse.)

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