Friday, January 3, 2014


Jules-Alexandre Grun (1868-1938, French) represented a breed that is perishing: the journalist/cartoonist; the chronicler of society, or at least the section he knew.

He was both painter and graphic artist, and he used his ink like he used his paint: to reveal and to glorify, not merely to cover up.

His posters were usually limited to black as the dominant, red as the accompaniment. This sparing palette conveyed more than a million candy colors.

His work was extremely popular then and highly collectible today. His big, sexy women help...

To complement the scene, THE APACHE KID (1930). A chase through the sewers of Paris. The term "Apache" here refers to cheap Parisian lowlifes and criminals. The traditional S&M dance-of-passion theme is "L'Amour De L'Apache" by Offenbach. Click pic.

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