Wednesday, January 22, 2014


My dad was a mean drunk (he wasn’t any laughs while sober, either). Thankfully, I had the means to not let it cripple me for life; I had my creativity for release.
My father's influence worked its way into my work, most vividly in the character King Adolph from my comic book, HUGO.
First issue, 1982.
At this time, I tempered the character with moments of inept kindness. Years later, my romanticism eroded. Said one reader: “I have more of an understanding of how your character, King Adolph (the 'father figure'), went from being a lovable oaf in your early HUGO work, to a miserable, violent drunkard in the comics you produced later.” Below: comics from 2003-2004.

Below: In a moment of weakness, Hugo sees the king as a kindly “voice of experience”.

There’s a very slight chance that even one's worst moments can supply a durable idea. These comics are still available from me, original books and a reprint. If you’re interested in delving deeper into my
damaged psyche by reading them, email me at

Soberly Yours, MK


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