Sunday, January 19, 2014


Bits and pieces from works, generally unpublished ones, inspired by the Fleischer Studios legacy.

Unfinished illustration for a fanzine.

In the late 1990s, I was assigned to create a second Betty Boop graphic novel; this time, I was going to handle the entire book: scripting, penciling and inking. I got paid for my script (samples below), but First Comics went out of business before I could progress.

A sketchbook "tribute" to KFS TV Popeye cartoons.

Panels from a Heathcliff story for Marvel, parodying "Gulliver's Travels", about 1986. Note the kings!

Distantly related: The first page of the first script I sold to Harvey Comics, Late 1970s.

Illustration for THE HARVEYVILLE FUN TIMES, late 2000s.

Page from SWING DANCING USA, to appear in the digital edition of the anthology THE BOHEMIANS.

Paramountally Yours, MK


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Shade said...

Your version of Popeye is a nice tribute to the character's transitional Fleischer/Famous stage in his career(from 1940 to 1943).