Tuesday, January 13, 2015


I'm sorting old sketches and clippings. Am running across a lot of comics I did I haven't seen in years. They make me laugh! Too bad you'll never see them. You'll have to settle for EXISTENTIAL COFFEE COMICS.

Model sheet (drawings clipped from actual animation) & bg layout from an unfinished film project.

Two pages from an "adult" strip done on commission.

 Greeting card proposal, 1984.

Some Facebook friends have asked to see more, of the comics especially. But...no more free rides. Those who want to see will have to pay. If I get ten SERIOUS buyers, I may print them off.

Hope you enjoy,

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nodnarB said...

Awesome stuff Milt! Thanks for posting so much! Reading your blog is a part of my day I always look forward to! So much good art, and information, and just interesting stuff!

I'd buy that comic!