Friday, January 2, 2015


I've been unpacking and consolidating the knickknacks I've picked up over the last generation. 

Everything old is new to me!! My personal passions: Asian artifacts, exotic and funky moldings of cartoon creatures and pin up girls.

Goods captured on various adventures.

Flea market. The seller said he's a Beatle.

Antique sale?

Estate sale.

Flea market. An FB friend has stated:
"I have one of these. I was told it's of a Danish cartoonist named Storm Petersen, but upon googling him he doesn't look anything like it."

Antique mall. Romanian.

Ebay. I have a Dagwood, too, but it was cracked & repaired when I got it, and comes apart every time I pack it.

Garage sale. Paper mache. Cute. No...who am I kidding? They're beautiful.

Thrift store. "Most Likely Not to Win an Award".
A Facebook friend reveals: "HA! That's a "Woody" - awards that the entertainment dept. at Universal Studios Hollywood used to give out at the end of year banquet (when they used to do such things)."

No way I have enough room to display all these at once. So...back in the box for the greater majority.

Our song today, another rendition of "I'LL NEVER ASK FOR MORE", played by the Dorsey Bros. and sung by Smith Ballew.


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