Thursday, December 17, 2015


Trying new poses, new ink techniques, new perspectives...all in the good name of tits-and-ass, of course.


From my novel:

Wheezy Gibson badgers Mona, his boss, into making a decision.

Wheezy Gibson employed his own methods of persuasion. He was very conscientious about doing his best work in Mona’s bed. Afterward, uniquely, Mona was content to linger there, purring like a kitten, absently rolling her pelvis in happy memory, her cunt slippery and wet. Her arm rested over her forehead, her hair free and cascading over the pillows. Up on his elbows, gnawing his cigar, Wheezy continued his nagging. “Come on, Mona, give the kid a break!!”
Barely getting a response except for a sigh of bliss, Wheezy cunningly raised his hand to his mouth, generously licked his fingers and ran them up Mona’s slit, provoking a loud, delicious slurp.

Mona flung her head back and shuddered as the comedian’s hand slid up and down, making her cunt gurgle and smack. Her pupils obscured, she croaked in a delirium, “Oh, God, Wheezy. Do you want to kill me? You do…you do want to kill me…” Her tears flowed, but she was almost laughing. “You want to kill me.”
Wheezy had rolled his small body on top of her, once more wrenching and pumping his way into her heart. It took all the energy Mona had just to fling her legs around his waist.
Wheezy’s methods were working. Mona gave the matter more serious thought. 


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