Sunday, December 13, 2015


"Scrappy" was a character created by Dick Huemer (a terrific artist who had played a big hand in making MUTT & JEFF and OUT OF THE INKWELL cartoons) in 1930 for the Charles Mintz studio, released through Columbia Pictures. The series ran a good long time for a Mickey Mouse competitor, ending in 1941.

YELP WANTED (1931): Scrappy's debut. The original concept was of a child (not just a tiny adult) in comparatively believable surroundings, and trying a little tenderness.

SCRAPPY'S BIG MOMENT (1935): The child's match against Max Baer. Dynamically directed by Ben Harrison. Very rich animation that amazed me as a youngster (I owned an old, silent 8mm print). I found old cartoons (specifically Mintz's and Fleischer's) such a feast. There was nothing like watching silent early Popeye cycles moving slower than they were originally meant to!!  (Click image.)

Visit his official website while you've still got Scrappy fever!!

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nodnarB said...

Thanks for all of the toon posts Milton! In an ideal world there would be a television channel with programming just like this. Interesting classic cartoons and history to go a long with it. I'm amazed how far the well goes with these old cartoons. Definitely a mind expanding experience!